Manage Your Wealth Like The 1%

These principles free you to focus on building your number one asset: your business.  As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of managing taxes, asset protection, investments, and estate planning.

We free you to focus on your area of genius when you leverage our family office services.


Built for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

We are business owners and entrepreneurs.  We live and breathe the challenges and opportunities you face every single day.  We use the same strategies we recommend for our clients.

We LIVE the same advice that we give our clients. Collectively, we have been business owners for over 50 years. So unlike many advisors who are employess of firms, we are able to offer business owners both tax and investment advice. Many brokerage firms prohibit their representatives from giving tax advice.

Many clients have told us that they were frustrated by having to go it alone to search for answers from experts in various legal, tax, investment and asset protection strategies. They had to coordinate calls only to get maybes and conflicting advice. We have built a team of experts because of their specialized knowledge and ability to implement the strategies that so many business owners are seeking.

That’s why we are uniquely positioned to help you save on taxes, grow your wealth and focus on what you do best inside your business.

Serving the unique needs of CEO Founders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Partners


As successful business owners, we face so many challenges every single day. Managing our team, market conditions, the economy, competition, and cashflow management to name a few. And with all of these constantly shifting priorities, it is important to control what you can control in your business and personal financial life.

You are taking so much risk that you need to implement strategies to minimize the risks that you can control, increase cashflow, and protect and grow your wealth. The wealthy and big corporations are systematic and focused in how they leverage these strategies. And you can do the same without an army of CPA’s or tax attorneys. The key is working with advisors who focus on business owners and use the same strategies in their business.

Remember that our team is always just a phone call away. Toll Free: 1.800.796.5690

Cracking The Code

Unlocking Tax Savings For Business Owners

The tax code is over 6700 pages and when you include the federal tax regulations and the official tax guidance, it’s about 75,000 pages.

We use our step-by-step process to zero in on the tax strategies to which you are legally entitled and that will provide the largest savings to you. 

This saves you time and money.



    We’re legally required to put your needs first!

    Founded for the benefit of clients, Echelon Financial is an independent Austin-based Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We are committed to putting client interests first and to stewarding both wealth and wellbeing for those we serve. We have a singular measure of success: the results we get for our clients.

    Why Hire a Fee-Only Advisor:

    Our clients count on our decades of experience for more than world-class investment management. More than in-depth retirement planning. Ultimately, they turn to us for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the moving parts of their wealth are aligned and optimized to obtain the life they want.

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    We can help you achieve financial freedom, so you can focus on what you enjoy in your life.

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