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We’re dedicated to empowering educators with comprehensive 403b planning solutions. Our tailored approach ensures that educators can confidently navigate their financial futures, secure in the knowledge that their retirement goals are in capable hands.


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Explore our video library of informative retirement planning videos, specifically curated to guide educators through the intricacies of 403b planning with expertise and clarity.


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“I have worked with Chris Wilbratte concerning my 403b accounts for over 20 years. He sends out inspirational emails in addition to being available for questions. He has answered all my questions and inquires in a timely manner and I consider him to be a most trustworthy person in his field.”
"I’ve known Chris for over a decade and he has managed my accounts for just as long. He’s extremely informative and patient when explaining the strategies he will be executing. I am very satisfied with the level of service and how quickly he responds to any questions or concerns I have. Even through these past few years he has kept me informed with the current market and eased any concerns I have with my accounts. I highly recommend him to everyone I know and have complete trust in him. Lastly, he’s just a really good guy."
"I’ve worked with Chris and his team for the last 12 years. He has been a phenomenal sounding board and provided great and selfless advice. He has steered me away from things that would’ve made him money but we’re in my best interest because he knew my long-term goals. I trust him and recommend him to people I know regularly."
“Chris Wilbratte has been my financial advisor for many years. During this time he has been attentive to my investments and has kept me abreast of changes in the market that are relevant to my situation. I believe he looks out for my best interest to earn as much as possible on my investments and to advise me on my tax liabilities. When my husband passed away a year ago, he navigated all the transitions of the accounts with efficiency and made the process as easy on me as he possibly could. He responds to my calls and emails quickly and efficiently and never lets me think there is a dumb question. I have complete confidence in the decisions he makes and feel that my future is as secure as he can make it. Thank you! ”


We’re legally required to put your needs first!

Founded for the benefit of clients, Echelon Financial is an independent Austin-based Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We are committed to putting client interests first and to stewarding both wealth and wellbeing for those we serve. We have a singular measure of success: the results we get for our clients.

Why Hire a Fee-Only Advisor:

Our clients count on our decades of experience for more than world-class investment management. More than in-depth retirement planning. Ultimately, they turn to us for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the moving parts of their wealth are aligned and optimized to obtain the life they want.

We can help you achieve financial freedom, so you can focus on what you enjoy in your life.

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